Danielle is a PhD researcher at the University of Oxford. Her focus is on endometriosis-associated pain, both in terms of how it is characterised and the impact it has on those living with it.

Prior to attending Oxford, Danielle completed a BMSc at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, where she studied interdisciplinary medical sciences and physiology.

Aside from her studies, Danielle is a Science Communicator, with a primary focus on women’s health, gynaecological conditions, and menstruation. At the root of all her work, Danielle aims to ensure that the voices who often go unheard of are elevated, and that science is made accessible to those who participate in and would ultimately benefit from such work. She is excited to join Gleen as Scientific Advisor, and to produce expert-led content on gynaecological health conditions, period products, and the current state of/controversies in women’s health.


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