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Finding the right products to buy can feel like an impossible and overwhelming task.

Gleen’s passionate experts provide free, unbiased advice. They’ll save you time, and help you find the right product, not the most expensive one.

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Shopping with an expert means free personalized advice, unbiased recommendations, and products at the best price.

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Cut out hours of research, no need to visit a store.

Find the right products

Free, personalised advice from our world-class experts will ensure you get exactly what you need.

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It’s harder than ever to find the right product

  • So many products
  • Variable quality
  • Unreliable info
  • Huge shipping fees

Our experts are here to find you the perfect product, quickly. To cut through all the noise, save you time, and make sure you don't waste your money on the wrong thing.

People love Gleen’s experts

Sharon was an excellent expert!
“Sharon was extremely quick to get in touch with me and listen to my preferences. She then provided some great options and was available to talk through those options, the pros and cons of each. She provided great advice and recommendations without being pushy in any way. Thanks, Sharon!”
— Janet, Mar 2022
Newborn & Toddler
Genuinely saved me weeks of research
“I’m a working parent with limited time - I wasted so much time trawling through blogs, vlogs, review sites, and ending up with more questions than I started with. It was so overwhelming. I tested out Gleen on a whim and was blown away by the customer experience. Laurissa cut that entire research process down to minutes. She understood exactly what I was looking for and helped me find the perfect car seat to match my needs. I just wish I discovered this sooner!”
— Annie, Jan 2022
Newborn & Toddler
Unbiased advice is hard to find
“Best thing about my Gleen experience was how the experts are genuinely unbiased and not trying to flog you products. My expert actually encouraged me to buy a LESS expensive crib because it was a better fit for what I needed. Hayden really knew his stuff and his recommendations have been excellent - the first baby purchase I’m 100% happy with.”
— Maria, Mar 2022